Benefits of Sap!

Sap! products are plant-based superfood sparkling beverages made from  straight from the forests of Vermont. We sustainably harvest the sap to create our nutrient-rich, antioxidant-packed products that can help boost immunity, fight fatigue and inflammation, and detoxify the body. We hope you enjoy!

Good For Your Health

  • Sap! Maple Soda and Sap! Maple Seltzer hold a myriad of health benefits with naturally occurring electrolytes (magnesium, manganese, potassium), antioxidants (polyphenols), 46 vitamins & minerals and trace nutrients.
  • Sap! Birch contains powerful antioxidants (from resveratrol and polyphenols), is anti-inflammatory (from natural salicylates, which are from the same family of compounds as aspirin), and is anti-cavity (from naturally occurring Xylitol.)
  • Sap! drinks are great for post workout recovery, a favorite hangover cure amongst friends, and most of all taste great. 

    Good For The Planet

    • Sap! is the lifeblood of maple and birch trees. Every spring, the transition from freezing nights to thawing days triggers the flow of sap. Once a tree is tapped, sap comes out of the tree looking just like water and has a subtly sweet taste.
    • Sap! is a regenerative product. A positive effect of Sap! production is a reduction in CO2, as trees are utilized for the long-term rather than cut down. Trees take in CO2 and emit Oxygen. The forests where Sap! is produced are managed in order to continue to produce the product for many years.
    • Producing Sap! is sustainable and does not hurt the trees.
    • To learn more about regenerative agriculture, here's a video our friends at Kiss The Ground produced.

       Good For The Farmers

      • The price of maple sap is largely set by the maple syrup market in Canada, and can create uncertainty for producers in Vermont, especially with the weather getting weirder every year.
      • By creating a new industry in the maple market (bottling the sap directly, Sap! is helping stabilize the price of sap in Vermont). We are only making a small impact now, but as the company grows, we hope to have a very positive effect on the maple markets in the State.
      • Our products directly support a network of over 50 farmers and families in Vermont. 
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