Our Commitment

Supporting Regenerative Food Systems

Our business is built on the principles of regenerative agriculture. Without healthy trees and healthy forests, we would not be able to produce our drinks. We are committed to donating 1% of our revenue to organizations working in the regenerative agriculture space.


Kiss the Ground is committed to educating, raising public awareness, and working with brands to leverage resources for farmers – all toward the goal of building healthy soil and healthy communities.

“We are a non-profit founded on the notion that building healthy soil has the miraculous ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere,” states Ryland Engelhart, co-founder of Kiss the Ground and partner Café Gratitude. “And it’s not just carbon storage; the ways the soil stands to positively impact lives of billions worldwide are tangible and immediate: Clean water. Healthy food. Drought resistance. Restored habitats. We are thrilled that the folks at Sap! are working with us to aid in our mission.”

For more information on Kiss the Ground, head to their website here


Over 6,300 refugees have been resettled in Vermont over the past 30 years. Many of them come with a lifelong experience of subsistence farming.

New Farms for New Americans (NFNA) is a Burlington-based non-profit that serves refugees and immigrants from all over the world, and preserves agrarian traditions for Vermont’s refugee and immigrant community.

At Sap! We have a commitment to sustainability and practicing regenerative agriculture. We are excited to be supporting NFNA in there efforts.

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